Welcome! With effect from 1 April 2012, the Communications Authority (CA), a unified regulatory body for the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors, takes over the functions and responsibilities of the Broadcasting Authority and the Telecommunications Authority.

The Office of the Communications Authority, the executive arm of the CA, has also been set up by combining the former Office of the Telecommunications Authority and the Broadcasting Division of the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority.

This page will be redirected to the website of CA (http://www.coms-auth.hk) automatically after 15 seconds. You may also visit the website of OFCA at http://www.ofca.gov.hk.



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欢迎!由二零一二年四月一日起,原本由广播事务管理局和电讯管理局局长负责的职能,已转移给通讯事务 管理局(通讯局),作为规管广播业与电讯业的单一规管机构。


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